Camping Terms & Conditions 2021







Plus Frequently asked Questions along with our answers 

Admittance to the Campsite is subject to agreeing to the campsite rules, regulations and notifications of the Company including all health restrictions imposed and it is the responsibility of all visitors to ensure that they are able to comply with such. Any breach of the rules and regulations may result in the Company requesting the Campers to leave the Campsite without refund or compensation.





1.1 The following definitions apply in the Terms:& Conditions of Admission 


“Campers” relates to any person (s) camping at Silverstone Golf Club, located at Silverstone Road, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5LH. 

“Campsite” relates Silverstone Golf Club located at Silverstone Road, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5LH. 

“Company” means Silverstone Golf Club Ltd (Company Registration No: SC165230) 

“EHU Pitch” relates to a pitch at the Campsite with access to an electrical hook-up (being either a Live-in Vehicle EHU or a Tent EHU). 

“General Camping Area” relates to the Campsite area allocated for pitches. 

“Confirmation Booking Email” relates to the document issued at the time of booking in relation to the Pitch Type, Pitch Size, Number of Campers. 

“Lead Camper” relates to the Camper who made the booking, and whose name will be on the Confirmation Booking Form. 

“Group” relates to a group of Campers who intend to Camp on the same pitch, or near/ next to each other. 

“Pitch Type” relates to the pitch type chosen at the time of booking including EHU Live in Vehicle Pitch, Live in Vehicle Pitch, EHU Tent Pitch, Tent Pitch. 

“Live-in Vehicle Pitch” relates to a pitch for either a Motorhome, Caravan and car, VW Campervan or similar, or a converted van. 

“Tent Pitch” relates to a tent suitable for the pitch size booked, including a trailer tent. 

“Pitch Size” relates to the size of pitch selected at the time of booking to accommodate the required pitch type suitable (Live in Vehicle Pitch or Tent Pitch) 

“Prohibited Items” relates to the listed items in clause of these Terms and any further items listed on our Website at any given time. 

“Extra Car” relates to any additional vehicles you are bringing onto the Campsite, not included in your pitch fee. 

“Pitch Fee” relates to the amount you have paid in accordance to what you have booked. 

“Website” relates to the website at


1.2 A reference to a “pitch” relates to the specific “Pitch Type” selected at the time of booking at the Campsite, including, without limitation, a pitch on the General Campsite, a Live in Vehicle Pitch, Tent Pitch or an EHU Pitch.



2.1 The Campsite is located at the following address: Silverstone Golf Club, Silverstone Road, Stowe, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5LH



3.1 The opening times of the Campsite gates will be confirmed closer to the event and will be listed on the Website. 

3.2 Should a Camper arrive outside these opening times as stated on our Website as in clause 3.2, the Camper will not be permitted to pitch on the Campsite.



4.1 Upon booking, the Lead Camper will be issued a Confirmation Booking Email as proof of booking. This Confirmation Booking Email will allow the Camper/s access onto the Campsite. 

4.2 Should a Group of Campers be arriving at different times at the Campsite, each camper must hold a copy of the Confirmation Booking Email in order to gain access onto the Campsite. 

4.3 The Confirmation Booking Email must relate to what the Lead Camper intends to set up on the pitch, in relation to a Tent Pitch or a Live in Vehicle Pitch, Pitch size and whether they selected the EHU option or not at the time of booking and payment as well as the number of campers booked and paid to attend. 

4.4 Each Camper confirmed within the number of Campers on the Confirmation Booking Email will be issued with the relevant wristband for the duration of their stay on the Campsite and will allow the camper access to the campsite at the main gate. This wristband is to be worn at all times, and should a camper be found not wearing the relevant wristband, they will be asked to leave the campsite and re-entry onto the Campsite will be refused. 



5.1 Whilst the Company endeavours to make the pitch sizes as close as possible to the specified size, it cannot guarantee a pitch size will be exactly the size specified. 

5.1.1 The following Pitch Types are available in the following Pitch Sizes:


EHU Live in Vehicle Pitch         Standard Size                                 7m (D) x 8m (W) 

                                                  Large Size                                      10m(D) x 8m (W) 

                                                  Extra Large Size                            12m(D) x 8m (W)


EHU Tent Pitch                          Standard Size                                7m (D) x 8m (W)


Live in Vehicle Pitch                  Standard Size                                7m (D) x 8m (W) 

                                                  Extra Large Size                            12m(D) x 8m (W)


Tent Pitch                                  Standard Size                                7m (D) x 8m (W)


5.1.2 The Lead Camper must ensure that the correct pitch size is booked correctly at the time of booking.  



6.1 A camper who requires the EHU for their pitch, will need to ensure they do so at the time of booking, due to the limited numbers available. It is not guaranteed that the EHU will be available to add on at a later time or date after the time of booking.

6.2 EHU are available for certain events.



7.1 There will be a limited number of pitch types available, and the purchase of these is subject to availability. Pitch type prices for all types are advertised on the Website and may be different depending on the date (s) being booked. 

7.2 All Campers must pitch as directed by the Company’s representatives at the Campsite and must not encroach on any other pitch and consider fire limitation, safety and access. If the pitch is judged to pose a risk to the safety and comfort of others, the Camper(s) may be asked to move. 

7.3 Campers are not to use (or carry) flag poles where there are power-lines above. 

7.4 Once a Camper has a Confirmation Booking Form, this will give the camper (s) access to the campsite for the specified event and must be cleared, and the campsite vacated by midday on the Monday after the event. 

7.5 Any amendments or alterations to the pitch required must be done so, subject to availability, prior to their arrival. 

7.6 Pitches are allocated at the discretion of the Company’s representatives at the Campsite. 

7.7 Pitches on the campsite are not pre allocated and cannot be reserved prior to arrival. The Company cannot guarantee that members of the same group will be allocated on adjacent pitches. 

7.8 If a Camper’s equipment (including any additional vehicles purchased) won’t fit onto the Pitch booked, the Company will request the Camper (s) to purchase an additional pitch or upgrade to a larger pitch. This will be subject to availability and the Company reserves the right to ask the Camper to leave the Campsite. No refund will be given in these circumstances. 

7.9 If the event is cancelled for whatever reason the company is unable to offer refunds. In the case of the event being postponed to a later date the company will carry over the booking.

7.10 Campers should be courteous with their pitching on the Campsite and only pitch with the allocated pitch size. Any Camper not adhering to this, will be asked to reduce their space they have used. 

7.11 Weather permitting, Campers will be permitted to park their vehicle and or additional vehicles on the pitch, within the Pitch Size booked. In the event of adverse weather, an alternative area will be allocated for campers to park their vehicles which will be away from their tents and Live in Vehicles. 

7.11.1 Parking of any vehicles on the Campsite will remain at the discretion of the Company’s representatives at the Campsite. 

7.12 A Camper may only use the pitch for camping and not for commercial purpose. No unauthorised trading is permitted on the Campsite or car park or the Company’s grounds. 

7.13 The Company and the Company’s representatives at the Campsite, reserve the right to judge acceptable noise levels or behaviour of campers. The Company reserves the right to exclude or eject any camper (s) from the Campsite if it is considered that the behaviour of such camper (s) to be objectionable, a risk to health and safety and that of another camper(s), or likely to cause damage or bring the Campsite into disrepute. In this case, no refunds will be given and the Camper (s) shall indemnify the Company against all and any losses, costs, damages, liabilities, claims, demands and expenses suffered or incurred by the Campsite arising out of any exclusion, ejection, or termination under this clause. 

7.14 The Company reserves the right to refuse any reservation without explanation. 

7.15 Campers may use only gas barbeques on the Campsite. No charcoal or disposable barbeques will be permitted. 

7.15.1 Campers will not be permitted to use their gas camping stoves or gas barbeques inside their tent, awning or vehicle. 

7.16 Campers must only drink water from the designated drinking water points. 

7.17Campers are not permitted to cut/ remove/ damage any trees or vegetation on the Campsite.  

7.18 Children under the age of 15 are classed as children, they must be supervised properly at all times.



8.1 EHU Pitch bookings cannot be pitched alongside non EHU Pitches due to the location of both these Pitch Types on the Campsite. 

8.2 The Company will provide one 6amp single phase CeeForm socket on a distribution board in in an area on / near the Campers Pitch if booked with EHU. 

8.3 Each Camper who has booked an EHU pitch must provide a suitable cable to facilitate their hook up from the pitch-side distribution board as follows: 

8.3.1 For an EHU Tent Pitch, this cable should be a 16a single phase CeeForm plug (blue) with an appropriate grade of double insulated, three core outdoor cable, 1.5mm or larger) twin and earth is not acceptable). The other end of the cable should be a 13a socket with some form of protection, electrical and mechanical. Ideally the cable should be 25m in length. 

8.3.2For an EHU Live in Vehicle Pitch, a cable that is double insulated, three core and of an outdoor grade that has a 16a single phase CeeForm socket on one end and a plug on the other. A minimum length of 25m cable is necessary. 



9.1 If a camper has hired a live-in vehicle which will be delivered to site, this must be arranged prior to arrival with the Company. 

9.2 To avoid the risk of injury to Campers, once you have been directed to your pitch, that vehicle (car, additional car (s), or live in vehicle) may not be moved (unless you are leaving the Campsite and not returning). In the event that the weather changes, or if the Company deem it necessary to request the driver of that vehicle to be moved to another area of the campsite, it will be done so by a representative of the Company. 

9.3 No vehicles are permitted to parked elsewhere on site, unless directed by representative of the Company. 

9.4 Campers are not permitted to drink and drive. 

9.5 Any camper driving a vehicle within the campsite must hold a valid driving licence. 

9.6 All vehicles on the campsite must have a valid tax, insurance and MOT as appropriate. 

9.7 The roads within the Campsite are to be kept clear at all times in the event of an emergency vehicle requiring access to these roads. Any vehicles blocking the roads will be removed.  

9.8 Campers park their vehicle (s) on the Campsite at their own risk. The Company will not accept liability for any damage, theft or loss to the Campers vehicle (s).

9.9 Bicycles are allowed on site but should only be ridden on tarmac surfaced roads or tracks to and from the circuit. Please be aware of pedestrians.



10.1 It is the responsibility of the Campers to view the updated list on the Website prior to arrival. 

10.1.2 Monkeybikes, Minimoto, Pit Bikes, Scooters, Segways and Quads are strictly prohibited 

10.1.3 No generators will be permitted 

10.1.4 Barbeque Gas cylinders exceeding 15kg. 

10.1.5 Sound systems capable of creating excessive noise. 

10.1.6 Campfires, firewood and fire starters are strictly forbidden. 

10.1.7 Fireworks. 

10.1.8 Restricted & illegal substances. 

10.1.9 Drones 

10.1.10 Offensive weapons. 

10.1.11 Paddling pools, swimming pools and hot tubs. 

10.1.12 Pet animals. 

10.1.13 Items that are deemed dangerous, offensive or unsuitable for the safe environment of the Campsite by Campsite Staff.

10.2 The Company reserves the right to stop and search any vehicle and /or vehicle (s) on arrival and to conduct searches in relation to security at any time thereafter as appropriate to ensure the safety of all persons on the Campsite. 

10.3 The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to any camper carrying a Prohibited item and/or to confiscate the prohibited item. No refund will be issued to that camper. 

10.4 A challenge 21 policy is in place for alcohol sales at the Campsite.

10.5 Unauthorised trading is not permitted within the Campsite or on Company land.



11.1 The Company aims to provide designated water points, toilets and shower facilities for the use of Campers.. 

11.2 The Company, depending on the event, will put on entertainment in the form of Live Bands and or DJ’s or provide additional facilities. The final list of facilities and entertainment will be provided on the Company’s website closer to the events 

11.3 Food and beverage will be available for purchase to eat in or take away

11.4 Essential supplies will be available for purchase

11.5 Tv's showing all current sporting events will be available in the clubhouse and marquees

11.6 All entertainment, Food vendorsand Screened Sports are subject to change. 

11.7 Campers are asked to take note that the availability of shower/washing facilities may be reduced at the time of cleaning and that queues may form at busy periods..                      


12. HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

12.1 In the interest of public safety, The Company reserves the right to ask Campers to leave the Campsite at any time for safety reasons or immediately after the Event. Re-admission will only be allowed if it is safe to do so.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

12.2 The Company reserves the right to impose/ and or update such health restrictions, warnings or guidance at any time of admittance to, and/or in relation to behaviour at, the Campsite as the Company considers appropriate, taking into account current circumstances at the that time or in response to any guidance or requirements issued by the Government, Public Health England, any other governmental, judicial or regulatory authority or issued by any rights holder or governing body. Any requirements, changes or updates will be communicated via our Website, email, or notices at the Campsite.                                                                                                                                                                                      

12.3 The Company may also implement and operate any health check system which it considers appropriate (such as a temperature check) before entry to the Campsite or its facilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

12.4 The Safety measures introduced by the Company are designed to reduce the risks identified in connection with the health restriction, but it is not possible to completely eradicate this risk.  It is each Campers sole decision to attend the Campsite acknowledging that they do so at their own risk. Campers are responsible for their own health and safety and must not solely rely on the measures put in place by the Company 


13.1 Nothing in these terms shall limit or exclude the Company’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or the negligence of its employees, agents or subcontractors (where applicable) or any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for the Company to restrict liability.

13.2 The Company will not be liable for any delay in performing its obligations as a result of any act, episode, omission or accident beyond the reasonable control of the Company including without limitation pandemic, epidemic, outbreak, disease, quarantine, public order disturbance, flood, storm, adverse weather condition, natural event, fire, strike, lock-out or other industrial dispute even if not beyond the reasonable control of the Company, nuclear accident, act of God, war, terrorist activity, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, act of government, compliance with any change to law, statutory guidance, non-statutory guidance, rule, regulation and/or direction, accident breakdown of plant or machinery , non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors and interruption or failure of utility service.

13.3 All property and items brought onto the Campsite by any camper (s) is the sole responsibility of the camper (s) and at the sole risk of the Camper (s). The Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage to any property, including and not limited to, motor vehicles, tents, Live in vehicles or any other camping equipment and personal belongings, howsoever any loss or damage may be caused or sustained. 

13.4 The Company shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage suffered by any camper or any campers on their pitch. 

13.5 If a problem arises which is under the Company's control, the camper(s) must inform the Company’s representatives at the Campsite immediately, so that the Company can try to resolve the problem. The Company will not accept liability in relation to a claim of whatever nature if the Camper (s) has failed t0 bring it to the attention of Company’s representatives at the Campsite. 

13.6 The Company shall not be held responsible for any incident or circumstance beyond their control which leads to the cancellation of an event or closure of the campsite and its facilities.



14.1 Use of the Company’s logo or associated images is strictly prohibited without prior consent from the Company.

14.2 In compliance with current data protection legislation, we hold your personal information to fulfil your camping booking with us.    

14.3 CCTV and film cameras may be present at the Campsite, this includes filming by the police or security staff carried out for the security of guests, and filming and/or photography by the Company and authorized third parties.  By booking a pitch you give the express consent of all members in your party to all such filming and to your/their actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio visual recording (“Footage”), all rights in which will be owned by the Company.  You also agree that any such Footage may be used by the Company in all media (except for CCTV or security Footage) for promotional purposes, without payment or compensation to you.  If you wish to withdraw consent, please contact [Scott Barnes 01280 850005].



The Company reserve the right to amend or alter these terms at any time. Please continue to view our Website to view these terms on a regular basis.



Frequently asked Questions along with our answers :-


I have already purchased an event ticket, how do I add camping onto my booking?


Please call the contact centre on 0344 3750 740. The customer service team will be able to add camping to your booking.


How far is it to the circuit from the campsite?


The circuit is just a 5-minute walk to the West 13 entrance from the campsite.


Which side of the Circuit are you closest to?


Silverstone Golf Club is located closest to Club, Vale, Stowe and the International areas of the Circuit.

What toilet and shower facilities do you have onsite?


The Clubhouse is open for the duration of your stay so you will have full access to the permanent toilets, showers and changing room facilities within the Clubhouse. There are also permanent toilets on the campsite as well as temporary toilets & showers for certain events.


Is there accessible camping?


Where possible, Silverstone Golf Club may be able to pitch you close to the amenities and the Clubhouse, although this is not always guaranteed. The Clubhouse is wheelchair accessible, and they have toilet facilities for wheelchair users.


What food facilities do you have on site?

Silverstone Golf Club have a permanent restaurant onsite offering breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Closer to the event, you will receive details on how to book any breakfast or evening meal tickets.
There may be additional food vendors operating over the race weekend, offering a variety of choices. Tickets do not need to be purchased for these.



What bar facilities do you have on site?


Various bars will be open that weekend with TV’s showing the different sporting events.

Do you have Family/Quiet and Lively areas?



No. We have three main areas. Electrical Hook Up / Non Electrical Hook up and Pre Erected Glamping Tents. With the number of campers we have on site and the nature of the event, we do not believe we could separate the areas into Family / Quiet and Lively.



What day can I arrive?


See specific event
How big is my pitch?


All the pitches will be marked out prior to your arrival. The pitches are not pre-allocated.

STANDARD            7m (D) x 8m (W)

LARGE                 10m (D) x 8m (W)

EXTRA LARGE     12m (D) x 8m (W)

Please note: when looking at the relevant pitch size you require, With a caravan ensure that you take into account the tow bar, which cannot overhang your pitch. With some motorhomes, they have racking on the back, which again, cannot overhang the pitch.

If you are planning to bring an extra car, ensure that you have chosen the correct pitch size.


Is your campsite secure?


Silverstone Golf Club have a great team of stewards and staff on-site who do their best to keep the site secure. With the large number of campers on site, Silverstone Golf Club recommends that you keep your valuables safe at all times – either lock them away in your car, or keep them with you.



Can I bring my pet onto the campsite?


No. Silverstone Golf Club operate a strict no pet policy with the exception of guide dogs.


Can I bring my own alcohol    on-site?


Yes but not glass bottles, you will not be permitted to bring your own alcohol into the Clubhouse, Marquees, garden or seating areas.