T & C's


plus Frequently asked Questions along with our Answers


published by Silverstone Golf Club Limited

Entry is on condition that Silverstone Golf Club Limited or any company or agent acting on their behalf shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle or any consequential loss resulting thereof, nor any loss or injury to any person, animal or object whilst on site.They are also not to be held responsible for any person, animal or object whilst on site. You are responsible for the security of all of your property including money & bank cards, Silverstone Golf Club Limited cannot be held resposible in any way for loss, damage or theft of property.

Silverstone Golf Club are not to be held responsible for any ‘Force Majeure’ beyond their control that may cause the closing of the campsite or personal distress.

Your contract for a pitch for your tent, caravan, motorhome or campervan or rental of a glamping tent is with Silverstone Golf Club Limited who will not refund booking/rental fees otherunless they decide to close the site 

You are attending a large site with temporary facilities and you are responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to conduct yourself in a safe and sensible manner to avoid personal injury. Please be sure to bring sensible clothing, shoes, personal safety items, torches, first aid kit, fire extinguishers etc. 


Can we bring a Barbeque?      Yes but....

NO DISPOSABLE TYPES (those that rest on the ground, any found in use will be extinquished)

Please ensure that your barbeque is raised above the ground to avoid burning the grass

Please do not use barbeques inside tent for safety reasons

Please ensure that all barbeques are extinguished after use as a gust of wind may send hot embers onto adjacent tents

Can we bring Fireworks or Chinese Lanterns?      No, these are fire hazards

Can we bring Bicycles?       Yes, they are also welcomed at the circuit

However, Motorised bikes, quads or scooters or skateboards are not permitted on site

Are Dogs allowed on site?    No, other than assistance dogs

Is there a Noise Policy?     Yes

Please consider your fellow guests by ensuring that there is no loud music, noise or disturbance after midnight

Can we bring a Generator?     Yes

We welcome generators, but please ensure they are turned off by 11pm to avoid disturbance to other guests

Do you accept Groups?       Yes, but You must make a telephone booking 01280 850005

Please arange that the first party to arrive notifies reception of those still to arrive so that space can be allocated to accomodate them

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?    Yes

An amount equalling 25% of your booking fee will be retained by us if you cancel up to 30 days prior to the event

An amount equalling 75% of your booking fee will be retained by us if you cancel within the 30 day period prior to the event

The full amount of your booking fee will be retained by us if you are a no show

We will however consider the grounds of cancellation in special circumstances.


 Other Terms and Conditions 

  • Entrance to the site or its facilities will not be permitted without official wristband being worn,
  • Vehicle passes must be displayed behind windscreen at all times.
  • No glass bottles please. A discarded bottle may cause serious injury. Cans and plastics are fine but please place empties in waste bins provided.
  • Under no circumstances can drinks or food not purchased from one of the Silverstone Golf Club bars be consumed in the bars, restaurants, marquees or gardens adjacent to clubhouse.  
  • Alcohol will only be served to persons over 18 years of age.
  • An identity card must be shown to bar staff or security to prove age if asked for.
  • Anyone found in possession or using drugs will be immediately removed from the site.



 The site will be patrolled throughout the night by security but we request that all guests are responsible for assisting with the enforcement of site conditions by being vigilant and notifying staff or security at the clubhouse immediately,

Telephone 07783 639986


We welcome guests who respect our premises, conduct themselves in a safe manner and show consideration toward others.

We reserve the right to make last minute changes to plot locations particularly in adverse weather conditions.

For operational and safety reasons in adverse weather you may have to park a short distance from your tent.

We reserve the right to withdraw admission or remove any person from the site without a refund who disregards these conditions that may cause damage,annoyance, disturbance, danger to others etc.

 Making a reservation confirms the acceptance of the Booking Terms & Conditions of Admission on behalf of yourself and other members of your group.

 We reserve the right to take photographs throughout the site for publicity purposes.

We will contact you from time to time with offers.